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Roxie is a wonderful loving Facilitator for change using the QHHT method. I feel charged and inspired with renewed vigor and direction. I look forward to my next session with Roxie ! Thank you sooo much 🙂 — Christo

I had an extremely powerful experience with Roxie! Her guidance helped lifetime dreams come to sense and understand what my subconscious needed to remember. I went through a beautiful cosmic journey where I found many answers about humanity, our beautiful planet and confirmed what my purpose is during this lifetime. It was a huge load of information that I had no idea existed in my subconscious, so this made me realize that I am and have always been connected to my higher self. Roxie, thank you so much for expanding your energy in such beautiful way! — Regina Alvarez

Wow, Roxie is incredible, the process had me opening up my Subconscious and finding my way to clarity. Thank you so much Roxie — Jeff Snow

I had my first QHHT session with Roxie and now feel so much more alive!”   I went into the session with no expectations and came out feeling so alive, loved and connected.  Roxie has a divine gift and is a natural healer. I felt safe, calm and secure during the session while I was in a meditative state.  I am grateful for my experience and encourage anyone who truly wants and seeks to tap into their subconscious, to get in touch with her and try Quantum Healing.  You will be grateful you did.  

Thank you and remember to ABC, Always Be Connecting — Marie

Review of hypnosis session on Saturday 4/2/2022
I was very impressed by Roxie Thomas’s quality of hypnosis throughout my session with her on 4/2/22. She was very calm, clear & precise in her delivery & very quick to assess my needs. We explored a number of topics that I needed clarity on.  She helped me prepare for the session, completely supported me throughout it, provided links to expand the results of each topic, & followed up checking on me afterwards.

I had pain in both shoulders and my back before the session. After the session,  it was all gone. Roxie gave me tools to keep it away.  I feel empowered to stay pain-free. We connected with the origins of several issues that stemmed from a former life.  After clearing them, I now know those issues are past & a new future lies ahead. I am clear on my role to continue stepping into a new future of my dreams, free of recurring issues.  

A new way of speaking & acting in alignment with a higher path of greater ease & Grace is supporting more freedom of choice & consistency with my dreams. I am now more in the present and consciously creating my new future. I can handle disappointments easier. I am more independent of support from technology (emails, Youtube subscriptions, etc.).  Instead, I know the answers lie within and I have more faith that they will reveal themselves at the appropriate time.  I am more loving to myself as a â€śwork in progress”.  The tools provided give me the confidence that with consistent application my main issue of this lifetime is being solved.  I highly recommend having a session with Roxie. — Vera Vogt

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